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Over the years, a person’s face can take on a perpetual tired, sad or angry look because of a drooping forehead or an abundance of creases which can be remedied by a brow lift (also known as a forehead lift), which tightens the skin in this area. Dr. Manish Shah, a South Denver plastic surgeon, can deploy one of several methods. He can perform a traditional, more invasive technique or use the endoscopic technique which is less invasive. Regardless of the method used, lines are first smoothed by manipulating the muscles over the eyes and then eyebrows are lifted into a higher position. A rejuvenated, younger look is the result. Careful surgical planning means that you can avoid the “surprised” look after surgery. Dr. Shah can combine the brow lift with surgeries such as a facelift for maximum results.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Brow Lift?

Here at Shah Aesthetic Surgery, we encourage patients who are interested in getting a brow lift to consider the many benefits of this procedure, including:

  • Long-lasting results which often need little further attention
  • Removal of extra or loose skin in the eye and eyebrow area
  • Opening of the eye area for a brighter, more alert appearance
  • Improved peripheral vision due to fewer folds blocking sight

Brow Lift Candidates

When we get older, skin laxity diminishes and causes many portions of the face to droop. This is especially true in the upper face and usually impacts men and women. When looking in the mirror, do you look angry or tired, see frown lines in between your brows, or are bothered by your drooping brow? If so, brow lift surgery at Shah Aesthetic Surgery may be the ideal cosmetic procedure for your goals.
Surgical Technique

Surgical Technique

The incision techniques used during a brow lift procedure depend on the severity of sagging, the skin condition and the hairline location. There are classic incisions, which may be located on the upper eyelid, or a coronal incision, which runs from ear to ear underneath the patient’s hair. A less invasive treatment is possible with an
endoscopic brow lift.

Eyebrow/Hairline Incision

  • This surgical technique places the incision along the natural upper eyelid crease or the brow’s hairline. The focus is to trim away excess skin and tighten the remaining skin and underlying tissues to create a rejuvenated facial appearance. The weak tissues will be reattached to the brow bone by sutures or attached with temporary tiny hooks placed internally where the muscles will cling and heal into a new position. This treatment doesn’t simultaneously resolve any issues of wrinkles on the upper forehead. Dr. Shah performs a dual-plane temporal browlift for a more long-lasting approach to mini-browlifts.

Coronal Brow Lift

  • An incision that hides the scar within the hair area is the coronal brow lift. The cut is made from one ear to the other, running along a few inches above the patient’s hairline. The eyebrows are then repositioned to correct the tired, aging appearance by pulling the muscles up. With this technique, the hairline is also positioned higher. The results are typically subtle, just enough to stretch the droopy eyelids, but not lifted too severely, which would result in a shocked, wide-eyed look.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

  • The use of endoscopes gives way to less invasive treatments. During an endoscopy procedure, several small incisions, no longer than an inch, are made close to the hairline. A tiny camera at the end of a thin tube will be inserted to allow the surgeon to operate via a monitor. Other tubes are inserted that will perform the necessary surgical steps to correct the cosmetic problem. Sutures are placed underneath the skin to help lessen the scars. The healing from this technique is quicker compared to the classic brow lifts.

During/After Surgery

A brow lift is performed under general anesthesia at an accredited surgical facility. It can last between 1 to 2 hours. Patients are sent home after surgery and advised to limit movement for up to 2 days. There will be some bruising and swelling that may be present on other areas of the face, such as the cheeks. Patients will be able to go back to a normal routine within a week. Strenuous activities must be avoided as it may affect healing. It is quite normal to feel as though the face is out of symmetry, but within 3-6 months, patients will see the optimized results, and look and feel younger with a rejuvenated outcome.

Brow Lift Reviews

Dr. Shah performed an upper blepharoplasty and brow lift for me 6 week ago and I could not be happier! As a 67 year old woman I was fearful of having that “deer in the headlights look” but the results are totally natural and I am thrilled. Dr. Shah and his entire staff were very knowledgable, answered all my questions and put me totally at ease. The entire experience was 5+ stars!


Dr. Shah is the Very Best Plastic Surgeon! – I absolutely had the best experience with Dr. Shah and his staff! Dr. Shah is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his field of work! He listens to your concerns and makes recommendations for the very best results! Dr. Shah performed a brow lift, neck lift and laser treatment around my eyes with amazing results! I feel more confident and younger! Dr. Shah is very talented and kind! I…


This was my first facial surgery and I had a brow lift and blepharoplasty 3 wks ago. As a nurse practitioner I am very careful about my choices for medical care and my whole experience could not have been better! Dr Shah and his entire staff went out of their way to make sure all my questions were answered and put me totally at ease. My results have been amazing and I am thrilled that it is so natural looking. Dr. Shah and his staff are THE best!!!


Dr. Shah is the Very Best Plastic Surgeon! – I absolutely had the best experience with Dr. Shah and his staff! Dr. Shah is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his field of work! He listens to your concerns and makes recommendations for the very best results! Dr. Shah performed a brow lift, neck lift and laser treatment around my eyes with amazing results! I feel more confident and younger! Dr. Shah is very talented and kind! I highly recommend Dr. Shah and will continue to work with him! If you are looking for a plastic surgeon, Dr. Shah is your doctor!


Shaw Aesthetic Surgery and Staff – I have been going to Dr Shaw for over 12 years. I can not say enough kind words about Dr Shaw and all the girls that assist Dr Shaw . No matter how little or major surgery you have done or you are thinking of doing , you can trust that that they will do what is best for you . They care about you as a person and you never feel like they would do a procedure just to make money but that it will enhance you as a person . From eye brow lift to head and neck lift to full face lift to fillers and Botox, I have always been treated with kindness and good advise. Dr Shaw has a kind heart that makes you feel safe but most of all , you are in great hands. The Office and Dr Shaw get a 5* from me



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Brow Lift FAQs

Facelift vs Brow Lift?

The plastic surgeon will initially evaluate the problem areas on the face and recommend the best approach. A brow lift enhancement is confined within the upper area of the face while a facelift also improves the appearance of the lower area of the face including the chin and the cheeks. Depending on the severity of the wrinkles and the sagging, a full facelift may be a better approach.

Natural Looks?

The ultimate aim for a brow lift procedure is to give the face an appearance that is fresh and youthful. With this surgery, the plastic surgeon is an expert who ensures that results are subtle enough so that it doesn’t look surgically treated. An experienced facial surgeon will have a thorough understanding of the internal structure of the face and will create results that are natural and prevent a wide-eyed or hyper-alert look.

Is Botox A Better Option?

BOTOX is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment that targets forehead wrinkles. While it does an exceptional job of smoothing out lines and wrinkles on the forehad and around the eyes, it does not correct drooping of the skin folds around the eyes. Depending on the patient’s case, BOTOX is worth trying initially to see if this treatment satisfies the patient’s aesthetic goals. If BOTOX does little to the cosmetic issue, then a brow lift may be considered. Many patients benefit from a combination approach using surgery and BOTOX to attain the desired outcome.

Visible Scarring?

Because the incisions are made in areas that can act as concealer, often the hair or natural crease of the face, scarring is generally not obvious. The doctor will make sure that the incisions are carefully placed to minimize the effects of scarring.

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