Preparing For
Your Consultation

Preparing For Your Consultation

We are excited that you are considering a visit with Dr. Shah and the staff of Shah Aesthetic Surgery to discuss your aesthetic needs. To prepare for your visit, so that you get the most benefit out of it, please note the following information:

  1. Your new patient visit will be approximately 1 hour long and involves discussing your concerns with Dr. Shah, Dr. Shah asking specific questions about your concerns and your medical history, Dr. Shah performing a physical exam, and possible photography with simulations (for facial surgery patients). Please make sure you’ve allowed yourself enough time to get the best experience.
  2. If you haven’t filled out your New Patient Intake paperwork on our online portal, please arrive 15-20 minutes early to your appointment to fill out the paperwork here in the office.
  3. Make sure that you prepare a list of questions important to you so that Dr. Shah and his staff can make sure that you get all the answers you need to help your decision making process.
  4. If you like the looks of any particular celebrities or Before/Afters you’ve seen on social media, please bring them to your consultation to show to Dr. Shah.
  5. If you would like to bring someone to the consultation to function as a second set of eyes and ears for you, we certainly encourage that. It is thought that patients retain only about 25% of the information they get taught the first time around. Dr. Shah prides himself on his ability to educate and really wants you to be able to advocate for your own best health. That requires accurate information retention.
  6. Please think carefully about your budget. Elective cosmetic surgery will vary in price from doctor to doctor. With each procedure carrying the risk of revision or touch-up surgery, patients should also ask about a surgeon’s revision policy. Under certain circumstances, Dr. Shah may charge a small surgeon’s fee for touch-up work. This can add significant costs to your procedure that you did not initially planned for. You can apply for financing from our lenders by clicking HERE.
  7. Dr. Shah’s surgical schedule is booked out for several weeks at a time. If you have time constraints on when you’d like to have surgery, please make sure to have your calendar handy so that we can try to accommodate your busy schedule.
  8. Dr. Shah’s office has plenty of parking, but traffic can sometimes cause delays. Leave yourself enough travel time to avoid getting here late.

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