Why Facelift Surgery After Weight Loss May be for You

by | May 15, 2024 | Facelift / Mini Facelift

Have you recently lost weight? If so, congratulations! You worked hard and achieved something extraordinary. However, you may be left with loose skin and small fat deposits on your face and neck. A facelift at Shah Aesthetic Surgery removes excess tissue and provides a contoured appearance that matches your new body.

Facelift surgery can improve your self-confidence and make you feel more attractive overall. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Manish Shah has helped countless patients achieve their aesthetic goals after weight loss. Call now for a consultation in South Denver, or read below to discover the benefits of surgery for yourself.

What happens to your face after weight loss

Losing a significant amount of weight is an amazing accomplishment that comes with many health benefits. Unfortunately, it can also leave behind loose skin on your face and neck. Our facial skin is very thin and delicate, so it doesn’t have the same ability to “bounce back” as other areas of the body. This excess skin can be very frustrating.

Small fat deposits are another common problem after weight loss. These can accumulate in the mid-face and jowls, creating a “puffy” appearance. Facelift surgery addresses both of these issues, providing patients with a youthful and slimmed-down look.

How do you personalize each facelift?

No two patients are exactly alike, so Shah Aesthetic Surgery customizes each facelift to meet the unique needs of the individual. During a consultation in South Denver, Dr. Shah will examine your skin and discuss your recent weight loss. This information helps us determine your candidacy for surgery and provide recommendations for your care.

What happens during a facelift procedure

Facelift techniques vary depending on the specific areas being treated. A mini facelift, for example, may only require a small amount of skin removal, while a full facelift provides dramatic and comprehensive results.

Facelift surgery is performed using general anesthesia and requires incisions in areas like around the hairline and behind the ears. This gives us access to the underlying structures. Dr. Shah removes loose skin and fat, then repositions the remaining tissue and closes the incisions with sutures. Patients are transferred to a recovery area to rest before being discharged home.

Do facelift results appear natural?

Yes! Facelift surgery does provide results that appear natural and attractive. Dr. Shah takes great care to make incisions that are small and well-hidden, so any scarring is barely noticeable. We use our expertise and artistry to create results that are in harmony with your overall appearance.

Our team has worked with many weight loss patients and understands the challenges you face. We strive to provide compassionate care every step of the way.

Special considerations for weight loss patients

Dr. Shah recommends patients wait at least six months to a year after their weight loss journey before considering cosmetic surgery. This allows your skin to adjust to your new body and gives you time to achieve your long-term goals. Being at a stable weight is also important for your health and safety, so inform our team if you plan to lose more weight in the future.

Finish your weight loss journey with a facelift

Losing weight is a big accomplishment, and you should be proud of your hard work. Let us help you take the next step to a happier and healthier you. Contact Shah Aesthetic Surgery to schedule a consultation for facelift surgery in South Denver. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Manish Shah can provide an individualized treatment plan moving forward.

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