Four Reasons Men Choose Facelift Surgery

by | May 16, 2024 | Facelift / Mini Facelift

Thanks to shifting public attitudes and ever-advancing cosmetic techniques, more men than ever are pursuing the youth-restoring benefits of facelift surgery. And while surgery may bring to mind a complicated, painful procedure, the modern reality is just the opposite.

And our caring team, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Manish Shah, would love to show you our wide range of effective options. So, contact us today at Shah Aesthetic Surgery in South Denver. We also welcome individuals near Cherry Creek and surrounding communities to pay us a visit.

Four reasons men choose facelift surgery

1) Alternative options may not be adequate. Anti-aging products may not be enough to provide one’s desired look. Pharmaceutical science has grown by leaps and bounds, and newer, supposedly more potent cosmetics are constantly released. While some may work to bring about their promised effects, even the most expensive creams cannot comprehensively alter the physical structures of one’s face, be it superficially or deeper down at the muscles and connective fibers. Therefore, nothing can match the transformative types of results offered by the clinically proven facelift procedures at Shah Aesthetic Surgery.

2) We offer a wide variety of safe, effective treatments that provide profound improvements for a total facial transformation. The improvements patients enjoy are based on a fundamental process. A traditional facelift can target the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), a combination of connective fibers, muscles, and other structural tissues that link to major facial muscle groups.

They’re responsible for generating our most expressive gestures, so their constant action creates the wrinkles and lines that give us a rougher appearance. Along with the inescapable effects of gravity, aging, and personal factors, these muscles can also lose form, imparting an unaesthetic appearance.

Alternatively, we can also provide a cutaneous or skin-only facelift that corrects sagging and lifts the cheeks and jowls. We also remove loose, excess skin to give you a tightening boost and remove the unseemly “jowly” look. If you find yourself suffering from a loss of elasticity, this may be perfect for you, as it does not affect the fat or muscle tissue and therefore promises quicker results and less downtime.

For those with severe sagging and other issues, Dr. Shah can perform a highly specialized and exclusive procedure: a deep plane lift to combat the loss of volume and facial contour.

3) Better, easier results. Improved techniques, technology, and innovation lead to more effective, less invasive treatments, like the Ultralift developed by Dr. Shah. It relies on surgical ultrasound to tighten skin, smooth lines, and melt fat. This outpatient procedure offers quick results and a wonderfully natural look.

4) Societal and career pressures. One reason many men opt for facelift surgery is due to societal pressures – especially those associated with the up-and-at-em, jet-setting careers. Popular media is placing more and more emphasis on looking younger, and many men may feel obligated to pursue a refreshed complexion to stay competitive in industries where workforces may be younger.

Reach out to us today for a revitalized, re-energized complexion

With such fantastic results awaiting you, now’s the perfect time to consider the youth-restoring gifts bestowed by our facelift techniques at Shah Aesthetic Surgery in South Denver. No matter what aesthetic issues you face or how busy your lifestyle, we’re sure to find the right solution just for you.

So, if you’d like to look younger and reap all the rewards that accompany a revitalized, re-energized complexion, contact us today to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Manish Shah. We also invite Cherry Creek residents and those in surrounding communities to visit our practice.

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