“35, Wanted a Consult for Sagging Eyelids. Dr. Manish is Wonderful! Denver, CO – I emailed Dr. Manish for a consult after reading some of his comments on real self. I don’t live near his practice, but had a question about my sagging eyelids. He was kind enough to answer personally and reccomend a few creams that would help. I emailed him a few times with concerns and he responded so quickly and with so much heart, and I’ve never even met him! He saved me a ton of $$ on consults and time just by being kind and recommending good products and advice. How often can one find a doctor who goes out of his way to do that? and the best part is.. after just one week I have my eyelids back! I was considering thermage, and various other treatments, when all I needed was the right cream and skin regime that Dr. Shah recommended. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day, when I’m in need of a surgery, ( I’m 35 right now so not yet ) I would definately consider flying in to meet him! “