“This site has been so helpful to me in conducting my research about a BBL. Once I decided on it, this site also helped me to find a doctor with results I liked! I had the surgery for a BBL (with tummy lipo) and neck lipo on June 12, 2020 and it’s currently 9 days post-op. There will be more attachments to this review (including pictures), but I wanted to get the baseline set up. The reason I wanted to go through with this was because I saw women on here in their 40s who said they wish they did it sooner and that made me feel motivated to follow my dreams. I have never been embarrassed of my body, and I don’t think I had a bad body. This surgery was just a way for me to enhance my body in a way I knew I would love. I do workout and eat healthy (this means healthy and not extreme dieting), but these are the kind of results I couldn’t get at the gym. I am very happy with my decision and there will be more updates to come!”