“At our initial consultation, it was clear Dr. Manish Shah’s expert training sees the face from inside – under the skin. He was analyzing and describing to me, my face and neck from its unique structure. Through his experience and extensive training he was seeing the results he could deliver. After over 25 years of searching for a plastic surgeon who could actually deliver the results I only hoped were possible, it was a miracle I found Dr. Manish Shah. I never felt uncomfortable, hesitant or concerned that I was once again in the wrong office or trusting one of the too many incompetent doctors without the requisite surgical skills to trust with my face and neck. My results were remarkable and beyond my expectations. He under-promised and over-delivered. I will no longer be passing a mirror wondering who is reflecting back, but rather seeing the face and neck that reflects my inner being. Dr. “Skilled Genius” and his very competent, committed team, Rebecca, Brenda, and RaShelle, delivered complete and stunning surgical success. VB”