“My nose is no longer upturned – 20+ years ago, I injured my nose in a car accident. Three previous attempts to restore the shape, and function of my nose left me with a “piggy” nose that was a constant source of emotional pain and embarrassment. I returned to the last doctor to ask for help, and he just said that was the best I could hope for. Other doctors said the same thing. Then, I found Dr. Shah. OMG – what a difference. I felt heard and understood. In April of this year (2023), I had the 4th revision surgery – and the LAST!!! My nose is no longer upturned and piggy looking. It just looks like a normal, everyday nose that belongs on my face. I feel a sense of confidence, and freedom that I have not felt since my 20’s. Thank you, Dr. Shah – you are an amazing, kind human being and apparently a very skilled and knowledgeable surgeon. I am forever grateful to you and your enire staff.”