“Dr. Shah is a physician artist – I live in northern Colorado and have been to a couple of plastic surgeons in my area. My first ps did my first BA in 1999 and the second BA for replacements 17 years later. I was never completely happy with either procedure/result.My second ps does my coolsculpt and botox, both very minor procedures. When I asked him about a lower facelift he said “too early for you, wait about 10 years” so I took my saggy jawline and baby jowls and got a second opinion from Dr. Shah after researching on Realself. So glad I did! Dr. Shah agreed with the other doc that my situation was not dire enough for a lower facelift but recommended lipo of the jawline and microneedling for mild wrinkles. The procedure was an hour and was a piece of cake. Recovery was a breeze, but my bruising was noticable. Glad I took two weeks off of work. I do still have a little numb and a little sore here and there. I am 4 weeks post and could not be happier. The entire experience is what good plastic surgery should be: comfortable, informed, and done by a master plastic surgeon!”