“Yes….I have had quite a battle with the appearance of my nose. I was bit by a dog at the age of 2. This injury damaged me to where my nose never grew a bridge and my nostrils were uneven. I discovered Dr. Shah through a google search, scheduled an appointment, and from my first few minutes in his office I felt that I was in the right place. Not only is his staff polite, kind and attentive, Dr. Shah has a very calm and happy….yet focused personality. He saw the imperfections, that I saw and gave an extremely detailed lay out of what could be done to improve the appearance of this nose that had undermined my self esteem, for so long. Obviously, Dr. Shah is an expert, and if you were to see my before and after photos, you may even call him a magician. However, the things that up him over the top, for me, is that….Every moment with Dr. Shah and his staff, from my initial consultation to pre op, post op, bedside calls and follow up appointments have been nothing less than top notch, 5 Star patient care.”