“So I wanted to do something spectacular for myself. Yes, something that was really amazingly and wonderful just for me. So I decided to have my face look better, and I would find somebody who would do just that. Long bouts of illness, accompanied by numerous struggles had left the story written on my face. There were, of course, the normal signs of aging since I am pushing sixty, but more than anything I wanted to feel better about my appearance. I was determined the challenges and illness I”d experienced wasn’t going to ravage my face anymore. I was taking back the ground I had lost to it. I had taken a year to decide to do this. It was a mammoth decision for me. I decided to go for it. So I had to pick somebody that I trusted to cut on my face. That sounded like a daunting task. I wanted somebody who could perform surgery on the Queen, possibly won a Nobel Peace Prize, and got the title of ??Most Congeniality??? in high school—or at least the equivalent there of. High standards? Well I was going to let this person rearrange my face so yes, I wanted the best. I interviewed several doctors. The first one was skilled. Check. He had excellent credentials. Check. However he made no eye contact with me, and was so clinical that I doubted he remembered my name by the end of our time. I’d prefer the person who chops around on me to know my name I concluded. Line through that name. The next doctor yielded good reports about her skills as a Face Arranger. Check. But a line went through that name when I had to pay an astronomical amount just to have a consultation with her. I was bit disgruntled. The assistants gave me many other non-surgical options, which I wasn???t interested in, as I stated many times. I felt if I was being screened to see how serious I was about doing the most expensive procedure. THEN I could have a costly consult with her. Ummm, not really impressive. One doctor had great reviews and testimonies, but talked down to her staff and treated them poorly. Nope, not that one. I wanted a doc with confidence, but displayed respect for others— and wasn???t a jerk. After searching for a long time I went to Dr. Shaw. He was attentive to me, which seems to be a feature one wants in a doctor who would change your face. He took as much time as I needed to answer all my questions. (It was not surprising I had many.) His credentials were extraordinary, and his background was such that I knew he had to make my short list. . He was nice. I want a ??nice??? person. Yes that was on my checklist for sure. His vast experience gives him the knowledge to do things in a way that other doctors do not. His staff is quite pleasant as well. I hired him before I left his office. Relief rolled over me, as I knew he was the one that was right for me. There wasn???t a doubt that crept into my mind as I made the necessary preparations for the procedure. Yes-sir-re I was courageous and strong all right. Yep that was me! That was of course until the actual day arrived and I found myself surrounded by lots of people in white coats. They were asking lots of questions, sticking me with an I.V.??? and scurried around like Santa???s busy elves. Oh my! bWonder if this is the right thing to do? I wonder if I???m going to have a displaced face and only find employment at old timy circus freak shows? Wonder if he is really a mad scientist that is experimenting on unknowing subjects? Wonder if he hates his job but in it just for the money? After all, he has that perfect Indian skin and I have blue jeans older than he looks. What does he care? Ugh! I am going to rip off my attractive, tied in the back, fashionable hospital attire. I would tell them I just remembered an important meeting I must attend noe with the FBI, the governor, or maybe the space program peopllr Then Dr. Shaw came bounding in with a bounce in his step that slightly resembled ??Tigger???. His excitement was displayed in his smile that lit up like a kid at Christmas! You could see he was quite delighted to be doing this, and he seemed quite jolly. I remembered the reasons I liked him in the first place…right before they tell you to do the proverbial countdown from 100–99, and by then I was completely out. The FBI will have to wait. During post surgery he remained available to me at all time. I didn???t know what my face looked like since swathed with bandages and draped in gauze. It felt like I had a nose and eyes but lacked a face. His vast experience was exemplified when he told me exactly what would occur next. When the ??freak show employment question arose again, my husband called Dr. Shaw’s cell phone that he graciously provided for us. I was reassured wouldn???t remain clad in bandages and I could indeed be employed in another field. Any question or concerns was answered expeditiously. He really did care. My face seemed to get better and better every day. In fact, when I was conformable in going out afterwards, I started receiving compliments on how nice I looked. The good Dr. had told me that people would do that very thing. Although they couldn???t put their finger on what was so different, they would indeed respond the he way he predicted. When he originally told me this would occur I responded ??Sure Dr. Shaw…that???s nice…(yeah right I thought, with placating thoughts galloping through my mind). I But that is EXACTLY what happened —and it happened frequently! I was getting compliments from the most unlikely people. Ok so he was right. But I may not even tell him he was right. I enjoyed my placating thoughts. Since then my face has continued to get better and better as new collagen grows, and all the other things occur that is supposed to happen after such a procedure. I continue to get compliments on how good I look, and I still have time in which it will continue to improve. Would I recommend him? That is like asking if Gundi is a peaceful person. Assuredly I would tell anyone who wants to improve his or her look, feel more confident, and wants the best doctor to make that happen, then visit Dr. Shaw. Nobel peace prize??? Well maybe not, but certainly he is by far of the very best plastic surgeon you can find. And maybe he didn???t get the ??Most Congeniality??? award but its obvious he really cares about his patients, and is stupendous at what he does. I guess I won???t have to research the freak show industry. (Not that their bad people, I just had other career choices in mind). Go ahead, ask me how I look…Oh gee ok, since you insist—-I LOOK GREAT! SGW Denver, Co”