“Best Experience So Far – Denver, CO – I went to Dr Shah after much web searching, and I am so happy and lucky to have found him! I have had two rhinoplasties done in New York, by two different doctors, both with bad results. My nose has never been straight, but nobody explained to me exactly what was going on, how asymmetrical my face was, how the left side of my face is smaller and tighter and it’s pulling the nose with it, and how the cartilage has a memory of going back to how it was. So I was very unhappy with my nose, especially after going thru 2 surgeries.Dr Shah has reviewed my records and my history prior to meeting with him, and we talked at length about the anatomy of my nose/face, what the plan for surgery is, what my expectations should be after. He took all the time I needed to understand the entire process, and not only he is very professional, bright, but friendly too, very pleasant and personable. He never pushed anything on me, like some other doctors do. He answered all my questions, he made me feel very comfortable, and post op he checked regularly on me, even texted me from his cell phone!!!! My experience with him was amazing. His staff is also incredible, and I’m talking here about Brenda, so nice and caring and accomodating each time. I am very happy with the results, I have more confidence than before, and I can take pictures from either side of my profile :- ) . I still see Dr Shah, now for Botox injections, and he is a master at that too! I would recommend him to anyone. “