“rhinoplasty – I’m three days before getting my surgery with Dr. Shah. So far I’m feeling really excited I’ve been watching vlogs about them. I’m going to have a closed rhinoplasty that will get ride of the dorsal hump I have. He also explained that in removing that the side of my nose will be pushed in so that it isn’t as wide anymore. During our consultation he listened to what I had wanted which was to remove the dorsal hump and slim the middle and showed me what he can do for me.Updated on 11 Aug 2019:So the first few days after surgery there wasn’t really pain for me at all except for headaches that would come and go. I did bruise/swell around my eyes. Around day 5&6 my swelling had moved to my cheeks and the bruising around my eyes were almost gone. Getting my splint removed a big relief even though my nose was still swollen Dr. Shah did an amazing job. The only dislikes for me so far are that my eyes are a bit sunken in from lack of sleep. Other than that recovery has been great I have not run into any concerns so far and I couldn’t thank Dr. Shah enough. Updated on 3 Nov 2019:Soooo already three months in! I’m super happy with my results. My face is all back to normal with no swelling or discoloration and still have not run into any complications. I love how natural the results are, now my nose fits the rest of my face. At my check in appointments he and his staff were very hospitable and made sure all my questions or concern were answered. Most definitely picked the right surgeon. “