“My Nose Journey ❤️ I had a accident when I was young that resulted in many surgeries over the years. The rhinoplasty I had gotten started leaning to the right and overtime created breathing problem. I found Dr. Shah on a search for a nose correction specialist and hose him because the overwhelming good reviews and his experience! Immediately I noticed my breathing issues were fixed. I was so relieved because this complicated my sleeping, I could not exercise, I always had a headache. Being able to breathe through my nose again is something I will never take for granted and I am so grateful to Dr. Shah for fixing my collapsed septum. Aesthetically, I cried tears of joy when I was healing. Before, my nose was crooked and almost detached I could feel the tip cartilage pop in and out of place! I had no expectations that I would have such a straight nose and kinda expected a small improvement. Dr. Shah not only got my nose and septum so straight but he also fixed my nose to look more natural and smaller to fit my face. This is the most beautiful I have ever felt. This is how I alway felt on the inside and have struggled for so long after the accident with just wanting to feel normal and not have people comment on my scars or nose. I cannot thank Dr. Shah enough for what he has done for me. I feel so comfortable and effortless in the way I look and can finally put all my pain and suffering from my accident to rest. Thank you Dr. Shah!!! His team is always amazing in helping in any way and making sure you feel comfortable and cared for.”