“Dr Shah is the best. I would highly recommend him. I had rhinoplasty over a year ago. After other consultations where they told me to “pick a nose I like” I was happy to find Dr. Shah. He actually takes your nose and face in to consideration. His policy is that he would rather be conservative, then give you a nose that doesn’t look good on you or would cause you to have problems breathing. So I went in for my initial surgery. I really couldn’t believe how little pain, swelling, and bruising I had. I was ready to go out in public after only a week and basically only took Tylenol. I never needed anything stronger. You then have frequent check ups with him where he takes pictures and monitors your healing. He has you wait a full year until your nose is fully healed, then he will do some slight revisions to if you would like for just a small fee that covers the supply costs. He never charges you again for his services. He just wants you to be happy, but within reason. This is what I like the most about him. He really always has your best interest in mind. Also, he give you his personal cell phone and calls you himself after surgery to make sure you are doing ok. His staff is all really nice. Jennifer, the receptionist, is awesome. She knows who you are when you walk in and remembers where you work, recent events, etc. and asks about them.”