“I am 6 weeks into my tip rhinoplasty surgery and am so happy with the results. From day one everyone was amazing. Brenda at the front desk is always friendly and more than happy to accommodate. Dr. Shah explained the entire procedure in detail. I felt completely safe and comfortable in his hands. He even let me play my own music during the procedure. I opted out of taking Valium to numb the pain for the anesthesia shots and he did a great job talking me through it and telling me when to breath. The procedure itself was somewhat trying. There was no pain but a lot of tugging and pulling. In retrospect, the Valium probably would have helped me relax, but using my breath worked just fine. There was only point at the end when some of the anesthesia wore off and I could feel some stitches. By then, getting the shots, again, would have caused more pain and I relied on focusing on my breath. Overall, I give the experience a 9 out 10. And, the results 10 out of 10.”