“Too Soon for a Facelift but I Needed a Lift… – I got DPO Threads done by Sarah several days ago and I couldn’t be happier. I burn through filler quickly and I believe I found a solution with threads. Considering how much money I was spending on filler it balances out. I really enjoyed my time with Sarah. She is skilled, makes sure you are comfortable, and just a fun person to talk to. I received a dental block and I didn’t feel any pain. The swelling where the needles were inserted were gone within an hour and I even stopped at a store on my drive home. I had slight bruising on day 2 that I could hide with makeup. My face is a little tender but it’s not like recovering from a surgery. Jowls were forming and now a I have a smooth jawline again. I am so happy with this procedure and what’s exciting is it will get better as time passes and more collagen builds from the threads. I highly recommend DPO Threads if you want a lift and refreshed look.”