“I cannot express how much Dr Shah’s experience has meant to me. I inquired about a rhinoplasty surgery and has contemplated it for quite some time. I had heard and saw first hand Dr. Shah’s work from a close friend and loved it! I set up my consult through Joel (who is so helpful with the process and noting everything I was wanting) . Dr Shah went through every step, including what exactly happened during the surgical procedure (for those who are interested he has videos of the surgeries on his Instagram account) so that I would fully prepared for everything. Not only was he in depth, but he was willing to answer every question. I was apprehensive when it came to the image itself – I wasn’t sure if it grasped what I wanted. We emailed back and fourth and he calmed my nerves explaining that my goals were able to be achieved and that I had nothing to worry about. I think my biggest apprehension was that it was just new – smaller and more symmetrical. It has nothing to do with his actual rendering, I was just not used to how my face would look. Leading up to the surgery, Dr. Shah and his team really took their time to go over exactly what to expect and projected timeline on healing. Brenda makes sure you are ready to go for the surgery with information and medications to go home. The morning of, we got up nice and early and were greeted by the amazing surgical staff. I will say the procedure went very smoothly and my nurses were so sweet. The anesthesiologist Lee is also wonderful calling the night before to go over everything! I was a little tired after waking up and had some intense bruising. After care is so important (as was before the surgery). I followed my instructions to a T. Adding more protein, taking all my medications and most importantly RESTING! Ice packs were my best friend in between my naps. After just seven days my sutures and splints all came off (it was a little uncomfortable but not bad) and the results made me immediately cry. This was MY nose, but it was perfect! I previously had large nostrils and a downward facing deviated septum, but not anymore! I have exactly what I’ve always wanted and I feel it has made my face seem more symmetrical. I couldn’t be happier. Once everything was off, Dr. Shah showed me all the taping and compression techniques which I have loved. I went home that day and switched to some heat packs and saline solution (no blowing the nose yet!). These techniques have been amazing (especially the compressions and taping, helps the swelling SO much) and as of today, my nose is further in the healing process than we had anticipated! I really owe that to my routine and medications – they work amazing. I have never felt so comfortable with a medical team. Each and every member will make you feel welcomed and heard. Thank you all but especially Dr. Shah for being so supportive and talented. I will be forever grateful for you!”