“Had 2 Surgeries, Nose Still Crooked – Overall it seems that people have good experiences with Dr. Shah so mine may be the outlier, but I am not really happy with my results and the process. I had Rhinoplasty done nearly 3 years ago now, that was also an osteotomy. The first issue was a mismatch of expectations. I realize everybody heals differently but I was told that I wouldn’t bruise badly due to my skin type and being male. After the first surgery I had black eyes for 3 months. After waiting for a long period of healing 1+ year, I still had a large dorsal hump, and my nose turns to the left, something that wasn’t there pre-surgery. After a year, Dr. Shah was nice enough to do a free revision in his office (minus the cost of surgery supplies). We had agreed to fix the dorsal hump, straighten out the nose and take down the tip a little. After this revision the dorsal hump part was fixed but the nose was still crooked and the tip wasn’t taken down. We also used part of my ear to graft a piece of cartilage. I was told the scar wouldn’t be noticeable, but its very noticeable 1.5 years later and people have asked me about it. After 6 months I went back and we talked about how the tip still wasn’t straight. He recommended I try bend my nose with a popsicle stick daily and said we’d have to wait 1 to 1.5 years after the revision to consider another revision. I did all the exercises and then coronavirus hit so I just waited until it had been 1.5 years post surgery and still my nose was crooked. At this additional 1.5 year follow-up visit, he recommended I tape my nose to my cheek every night to help bend it and said he didn’t think surgery was a good at this point and to re-evaluate in another 6 months. At this point 3 years in, i’m not really willing to wait another 6 months, nor do I think taping my nose to my cheek while I sleep is going to be sufficient. This may help to some degree, and I’m not a surgeon obviously, but I feel like 2 surgeries should have created a straight nose, a problem that didn’t exist before the first surgery. Overall I really want to like Dr. Shah and people have good experiences with him. But after thousands of dollars, 3 years, and a crooked nose the results are the results. I will be setting up a consultation with another doctor in Denver to get a second opinion on a tip-plasty revision”