“Need to Breath and Fixed my Croocked Nose. Denver, CO – Making the decision to go through with fixing my crooked nose was both a simple and difficult decision. Simple, because I wanted to breathe again and have a beautiful nose to look at. Difficult, because I had no clue regarding who I was going to chose to perform such an important surgery. It’s my face, so the decision making process was quite lengthy. I did my homework on the surgeons in my area and extended it to include all of Colorado. I not only read online reviews but also went to meet several surgeons in order to see if my desires for my new nose were possible. I finally found Dr. Manish Shah. Brenda and the rest of Dr. Shah’s staff were very accommodating and reassuring when it came to the million questions I had. During my initial consultation, I was shown what Dr. Shah would do to correct my nose with a computerized animation that was instrumental in setting expectations. This was extremely helpful since I’m more of a visual person. In addition to the obvious fear about the outcome, I was terrified regarding the pain associated with the surgery and specter of looking like a MMA fighter right before Christmas. However, in following Dr. Shah’s strict before and after surgery care; I was pleasantly surprised to find I had minimal bruising and swelling. Not only was the pain much less than what I expected, but the recovery time was much faster. All of these I contribute to Dr. Shah impeccable skills as a surgeon and as a doctor that truly cares about his patients comfort both before and after surgery. Dr. Shah was always available for questions day or night, which made this experience much more pleasant. I could not be happier about the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Shah, and I would choose him again for any future procedures I might have.”