“I have been looking into a non-surgical nose job for over five years now, and I can firmly assure you that Dr. Shah is the doctor to go to. He is so kind, well-informed, and answered all of my questions thoroughly and made me feel super confident going into the procedure. He is one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Colorado and his results prove it! The process took less than 15 minutes and was virtually pain-free minus a few light, pinches. Immediately after, my mind was completely blown with how great my results were. Minus some light swelling and bruising, my nose was completely flat, hump-free, and my profile was straight and balanced. It is everything I could ask for and more and I could not be more thankful for Dr. Shah. On top of all of this, the procedure was EXTREMELY affordable. I do not believe any other aesthetic surgery center in Colorado can beat these prices while receiving the same high, quality that is ensured with Dr. Shah’s practice. I had no idea that achieving these results could be so affordable, and I am so thankful I came across this center. There was also a discount for first time injectors which brought my overall price down even more. I am so happy with my results, how kind both Dr. Shah and his staff were, and I plan on returning every 8-12 months for touch-ups. Thank you so very much!”