“After searching the net for a good doctor I stumbled upon Dr. Shah, he was one of three surgeons i met with and discussed possible procedure options. I came to doctor shah about 4 months ago, unhappy and unconfident with my ethnic nose hump. I was always unconfident about my nose, it was just something i knew i wanted to get done when i was older.(im 18) I made an appointment with doctor shah, and we sat down and discussed what i wanted to be fixed. I told him i didn’t want it to be obvious that i got a nose job, just to remove the hump, make it smaller and appear more natural to my ethnicity. Every time i visited Dr.Shah, he reassured me that my nose would turn out just the way i wanted it to. I was extremely nervous before this meeting Dr.Shah, I didn’t feel the comfort that i felt with him and his staff with the other surgeons i met with. I would 100% recommend him to you for a rhinoplasty, he gives you an honest opinions and in that you find comfort. He called me after surgery which i really appreciated and both Dr. Shah, and his assistant Brenda went out of their ways to make sure i was comfortable and confident going into this. Super friendly and caring staff. I love my nose, it is EXACTLY what i wanted!:) Definitely recommend checking him out for a rhinoplasty!”