“Rhinoplasty I am a 42 yo female and went to see Dr. Shah in July for a consultation appointment for rhinoplasty. I had gone to see different surgeons over the past 20 years but never felt that those doctors understood what I wanted. My nose was very large with a drooping columella. The first thing I noticed when I arrived at his office was how friendly the staff was. Then I met Dr. Shah and immediately felt comfortable and in good hands. He explained the procedure in great detail using visual aids. He then took pictures and uploaded them to his computer and described how he planned to fix my nose and explained why each step in the procedure was needed. The best part was that he said my new nose would still look like me, just better, which is exactly what I wanted. Additionally, he explained the recovery process in detail as well. His assistant took care of paperwork and scheduling, so a very easy process. The cost was surprisingly affordable too, much less than what I thought it would be. I next met Dr. Shah in early September for the pre-op appointment (~1 month before procedure) and he and his assistant made sure that I knew what I needed to do to prepare for the procedure (follow nutrition and vitamin protocols). One month later I had the operation. It went smoothly with no issues. I was released after 30 minutes in the recovery room. I met with Dr. Shaw again about 3 days after the procedure to make sure no issues were cropping up. He told me things looked good so far. I meet him again 1 week after surgery. He removed the bandages, splints and taught me how to use the forming sticks and to stick to his recovery protocols. My nose was very swollen, especially the left side as he had to widen the airway. I was pretty miserable, to be honest. One month later I revisited with Dr. Shah and it wasn’t great. My nose was not healing as fast as it should have and I was still super swollen and in pain. Dr. Shah was very kind, explaining that I had a complicated restructuring done to my nose and that the healing process was different for everyone. He told me to keep doing his recovery protocol and to up my calcium and vitamin C intake. Finally, at about 6 weeks, my swollen nose had substantially decreased in size and there was minimal pain. I could actually see my new nose and it looked 1000x better than my original!! My profile is straight, the tip is much less bulbous and no drooping columella in sight! He also made my nostrils smaller. I honestly look like a different person. My eyes look bigger and my self esteem has definitely increased. Thank you Dr. Shah for providing me with a new, brighter future!”