“I feel like a new person – As someone of normal weight who has always had a “fat” face, I was tired of trying to contour in a jawline and cheekbones. I tried Kybella in December of 2017 and it did nothing. In addition to this, I have always had a recessed chin and no amount of contour can make a chin magically appear. I finally decided to take the steps and get a tiny bit of liposuction in addition to a chin implant. Dr. Shah explained the process to me and out of all the doctors I contacted, I chose him due to his professionalism and non-salesy attitude. I don’t want to be sold procedures—I want to be informed and given the ability to decide what is best for me, and this is exactly what Dr. Shah did. Dr. Shah and his colleagues gave me a good idea of what the procedure would feel like and helped me through each step of my procedure and recovery. I am now 2 months out and I feel like a new person.”