“All I wanted is a natural looking nose, he exceeded expectations – Not only that I had a crooked/deformed nose but I had such trouble breathing which was getting worse with time. I went through hundreds of surgeons and neither one of them convinced me that they could make a difference. All I wanted is a natural looking nose. A few of the doctors even said that they don’t want to perform the surgery.I don’t know how the doctor did it, but he did. He even filled some of the gaps with my own tissue from behind the ear. And I won’t even start with the recovery. We took everything off after 6 days and there was zero bruising. The doctor has this rapid recovery protocol and they sent me a package with vitamins and substances a few weeks before to start prepping for the recovery. Then this angel came, a nurse that they recommended to spend the night with me (Danielle), that made the whole experience 10 times better. Not only that she took good care of me but we became more like friends. I’m sure that not everyone is always happy with their surgery experience, but seeing what the doctor did… If anyone was unhappy here, I suspect it’s because of unrealistic expectations. I examined my nose so many times, left and right, up and down and I even thought that it might not be possible to make a difference like this. Pics attached”