“Hello ladies, I got a tummy tuck after I went to Cancun a saw all those beautiful, gorgeous bodies. I thought I looked good until I went. I came back from my vacation a decided that I wanted to do something about my self, didn’t do much research since I trust Dr. Shah. He had repaired my ear lobe and did a good job plus he and his staff were great. When I did the research to fix my ear lobe I found Dr. Shah and saw that he also did other procedures like tummy tucks, bbl, and many more so i went with him. (After my had my tummy tuck done realized that I probably only needed lipo) It’s been a year since I had my tummy tuck and he did a good job except my love handles I hate them my tummy is flat but I have those ugly love handles. So I’m going back with him in 2 weeks. He will do lipo on my love handles, arms, back bra area, and chin. He only charged me for the arms. Let’s hope that I like the results. I have referred most of my friends to him. My belly button won’t heal, my Dr. said that it’s because I work out a lot!Updated on 1 Sep 2017:Hi everyone I’m back, it’s been 1 month after I had my Revision with Dr.Shah. He did an amazing job, he did lipo on my love handles and I’m loving the results. Him and his staff are the best. I highly recommend it.”