“A friend of mine who is aging beautifully and gracefully in her 60’s referred me to Dr. Shah after I noticed how natural her filler looked under her eyes. She said I needed to see him and that he’s such a quality person, as well as a talented surgeon. She was absolutely right! From the moment I stepped into his office and met his staff to the moment he met with me for my initial consultation, I felt right at home. I’m in a career where I’m on camera quite a bit, and I have a very small chin. Though I take excellent care of my skin and health, as I’ve grown older (I’m in my late 40’s) my face has started to jowl. The lack of chin wasn’t helping matters much. Dr. Shah recommended a chin implant and chose the very best size for me. No one would know that I have one, but I’m pleased with my more attractive profile, less jowling and just a much more balanced symmetry to my face. I feel prettier, and people pay attention to what I have to say even more now that the bone structure around my mouth is more defined. We also did treatments to firm beneath my chin, which has helped define my jawline a bit more from the profile. That worked great, too! Currently, I’m enjoying doing microneedling to increase collagen and will do a little mini lift to firm up the jowls a tad more in a few months. I don’t look “done”. He’s a very real person, so the work he’s done for me is subtle and natural looking. Pretty. I am so thankful to have the wonderful Dr. Shah and his supportive, friendly staff in my life!”