“I am quite experienced with Cosmetic/Plastic surgery procedures since I lived in Southern California for years (everyone there does “everything!”), so I have had “several” procedures over 30 years. (A few with fancy “Beverly Hills” plastic surgeons.) And, with that experience, I can assure any readers that you will probably not find a better Plastic Surgeon anywhere than Dr. Manish Shah. I mean it sincerely, and I am a tough critic. I just recently had neck and face work done with Dr. Shah, and the experience was such a great one—the surgery results were even better than expected, the staff was extremely helpful and professional, and Dr. Shah was a perfectionist! And the bonus is that he does his procedures with local anesthesia! (Trust me. This is a HUGE benefit, even if you don’t realize it early on. It’s so much better to go that route.). It is hard to find a great surgeon. Look no further.”