“Well over Due! – The best part is the exceptional care and compassion of Dr. Shah and his entire staff. Dr. Shah and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and so personable with exceptional listening skills. Throughout the years of going to Dr. Shah, I have yet to see exaggerated results that are unnatural. That is why I trusted him with the mini face lift. After have injections for years, my age caught up and the only option for the jowls on caving cheeks, disappearing upper lip and turkey neck was a mini lift with fat injection. It has been three weeks since the procedure and I can see some of the improvement already even with the swelling. The bruising was minimal. One side of my face brusied more. The procedure went so smoothly and I loved that I remained awake. The pain was from the numbing injections, just like at the dentist. Afterwards the pain was very manageable. The instructions, vitamin regime and diet and exercise restrictions were clearly given and easy to follow. I am excited to see the final results! Updated on 23 Oct 2019: Posting my before pictures with the one month pictures. It’s amazing to see the improvement after just one month. I have some bruising and swelling so I can only image the improvement will be by the holidays. The fat transfer should be more noticible! The incisions are barely visible even though some of the stitches are still reamining. As with every visit, the staff is so friendly. And for Dr. Shah, what’s the saying “He’s the man!” …. that is what I say regarding Dr. Shah! Updated on 28 Jan 2020: It has been four months since the mini facelift procedure with fat transfer. I see a difference in the jawline but the rest of the face is not what I expected or hoped. I did not want to continue with fillers. Hopefully, at some point in time, the fat transfer starts to work.”