“Beautiful Results! And I owe it all to Shah Aesthetic Surgery! It has been one year since my Tip Rhinoplasty and I am ecstatic! Since I was a kid, I hated my bulbous nose. I went to several plastic surgeons over the years and was told I needed a complete rhinoplasty. Honestly, they made me feel worse about my looks, but fear and cost prevented me from moving forward. After my appointment with Dr. Manish Shah, I had easily made up my mind I would go forward. His demeanor was kind and considerate. He listened, and then gave me my various options that would result in a natural look that reflected the appearance that I always wanted. The entire process was all so comfortable and easy. Since my procedure, my confidence has increased dramatically. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Shah to my friends and family. I know they will be well taken care of by this amazing team!”