“I’m 3 months post tip rhinoplasty and very pleased with my results! Dr. Shah explained the procedure and costs in full detail, and answered my repetitive questions leading up to the surgery. My surgery was performed in office under local anesthesia as I requested. It was completely painless and quick. I was given a blanket to keep warm and my option of music, which I preferred to be turned down low. That morning I had a severe allergy flare up from hay fever which caused me to sneeze uncontrollably DURING my surgery. Dr. Shah handled the situation in a calm and patient matter despite how frustrating it must have been. My nose turned out PERFECT despite how much I was sneezing. My recovery was quick and I looked normal after about 1 week of surgery! I was provided with a pre and post op vitamin package that I believe contributed to the rapid healing of my nose. I would highly recommend Dr. Shah to anyone who wants tip rhinoplasty and would choose him again for any future surgeries!”