“I’ve never disliked my nose but I felt like it could use some refinement. After doing some online research it seemed apparent to me that Dr. Shah was the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Denver. I booked a consultation and brought a huge list of questions with me. He answered all of my questions very thoroughly, asked me exactly what I was looking for and then told me what his game plan would be. I wanted a slight ski slope nose from the side ( I had a small hump) and for the tip to be refined. I booked the surgery a few months later. The day of the surgery was pretty laid back and easy. The nurses were super nice and they made sure I was comfortable. The anesthesiologist was also really nice and took his time going through every detail to make sure I was safe before I went into the operating room. I went out like a light bulb and the next thing I knew I was waking up and ready to go home. I didn’t feel woozy or out of it and I wasn’t in any pain. I went home and ate dinner, watched a movie and went to bed. I didn’t experience any difficulty sleeping until my Ambien ran out. Sleeping upright, on my back was difficult. Having both nostrils plugged was also hard, even with 2 humidifiers going in my room at all time my mouth was still so dry. The swelling was the worst on day 2 and 3, from there the swelling moved down my cheeks. After one week Dr. Shah took my splint off and cleared my nostrils and it was such a relief to breathe. I have to admit that I thought my nose looked really freaky for the first 3 weeks. I called the office freaking out a little and he immediately got on the phone to reassure me and reminded me that I should be avoiding salt and sleeping propped up on a pillow at night. I had been slacking with both. The swelling distorts everything so much, you just have to remember to be patient. I must had looked at my nose in the mirror for hours each day to the point that my brain wasn’t even sure what a nose was supposed to look like. Just trust you doctor and avoid the mirror for a while. My bruising lasted for 1 month and I had a hemosiderin stain on one eye for about 5 months. I used Auriderm and had IPL facials to speed up the healing of the stain. The scar from the incision faded away in about 4 months, it was easy to cover with makeup within a couple of weeks. Overall, I’m surprised at how pain free the whole ordeal was. I only took my pain medication the first 2 days and then I realized I didn’t need it. I was very careful while recovering and never bumped my nose or had any accidents. I taped my nose at night for the first 2 months. It’s now been 6 months and the tip is still slightly swollen, but not noticeably. I know over the next 6 months my nose will shrink a tiny bit more. I am absolutely THRILLED with the results. My nose still looks like my nose, just smaller and cuter. The little swoop makes my side profile look fabulous. My biggest worry was that my mom would notice and disapprove, she never noticed I had anything done. I’ve only had one person ask me flat out if I had a nose job, and she wanted me to dish who my surgeon was because she thought he did a great job and was considering getting some work done herself. It’s nice not having to contour my nose anymore and I feel like I look cute at any angle in any photo now. Initially I asked Dr. Shah not to post any photos of me, but he did such an amazing job I thought I should post some photos anyway. I must spent 15 hours total on realself studying reviews and I don’t know what I would have done without it so I feel like I owe this review to the community! If anyone wants to pick my brain about anything feel free to comment or message me.”