“You can trust Dr. Shah – I’m 20 years old, 5 foot 2 inches, and I was pretty small before surgery, 120 pounds or so. I did a hybrid surgery- butt implants and a bbl. Prior to the procedure I was mostly scared about my safety and health during the operation however Dr. Shah, the anesthesiologist and the nurses took awesome care of me. The staff was very friendly, caring and professional, I got a vibe that they worked well together and they were each individually passionate about cosmetic surgery.The surgery center was clean and practical. It wasn’t very far from Dr. Shah’s office in Denver which is good because you don’t want to travel long distances after bbl/butt implants.I think everyone should know that immediately following surgery, you are dealing with so many different emotions. Your body is physically reacting to the trauma and while you are anxious to know how things will look and feel after you heal up, it is a slow process. At two weeks post surgery my implants were somewhat visible and their placement was more superior than I anticipated or wanted. I was scared. Now I am at 12 weeks post opp and my implants look so natural and beautiful. In just a few months my body has come a long way and developed so nicely. Dr. Shah is an incredible surgeon and I’m so grateful that he did my surgery. I wanted to achieve an hourglass shape and I didn’t have too much fat to work with so I was pleased the extent to which Dr. Shah was able to preserve the fat. After a BBL, to maximize fat transfer, it’s important to have blood circulating to the area where fat was transferred (don’t smoke, even weed), to feed the fat and to avoid compression of the fat however the surgeons technique is so so important!! Thanks to Dr. Shah, I have these wide voluptuous hips that I always dreamed of. The fat placed in my hips was done perfectly, they are round, they have great projection and everything looks very soft/natural on the surface of the skin. I didn’t ever have any hardening of the fat, lumps or any complications actually. My waist is tiny, when sit down I don’t have even a roll of fat which is pretty exceptional. Dr. Shah did a thorough job of pulling fat from so many areas that when it all comes together, it looks amazing. Ultimately, Dr. Shah exceeded my expectations, I told him the major details of what I wanted but he went in and contoured and perfected my body in ways that I never would have imagined.”