“I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Shah as my surgeon. I have struggled for a long time with being insecure about the bump on my nose. My dad and I went to multiple consultations with Rhinoplasty surgeons and our favorite was by far Dr. Shah. Not only was his attitude extremely comforting and outgoing, but he gave us all of the information that we needed. He really takes care of his patients like they are his friends. Going through this surgery was probably one of the scariest things for me because I am only 17 and never had a surgery before. Although I was nervous, Dr. Shah made it go as smoothly as possible and I believe without a doubt it was worth it. I would undergo that surgery again even because of how well it was performed. I had incredible nurses to help me before the surgery and I felt very taken care of. I would recommend Dr. Shah to anyone who is considering aesthetic surgery, especially Rhinoplasty because he is extremely talented in what he does. I am incredibly satisfied with my results and I can finally be confident in my appearance, thanks to Dr. Shah!”