“I had an open ultrasonic rhinoplasty done in November 2019. My goals were to minimize my nose’s bulbousness, remove the hump, make it slimmer, and change the overall shape. All of those things were fulfilled and I’m significantly happier with my appearance. Prior to the surgery, I was highly critical of my nose. I wouldn’t smile, laugh, go on dates, or spend time with family because I lacked the confidence. My nose was the focal point of my life and I’d contemplate how I’d never be happy with the nose I had. I eventually mustered courage to find a top-rated surgeon to help me with my problem and I found Dr. Shah. He explained to me what was achievable and what wasn’t and provided a thorough slideshow which gave an in-depth explanation of the different types of rhinoplasty, and overall surgery process. 7 days subsequent to the surgery, my splint was removed and in that moment I’d known that I made a great decision. Though it was swollen, I still had a newfound sense of confidence. It’s been 9 months and I’m still in awe. I’m no longer burdened by my nose and can confidently say I look pretty hot now. I can smile, get close to people, and going about life is much easier.”