“He greatly improved the asymmetry and made the size fit my face – Back in my twenties, my nose was broken and I had a Rhinoplasty. The asymmetry in the tip and general size were not addressed at that time. I also had chronic sinus issues from a deviated septum. Fast forward almost 20 years, and A LOT of research, I decided to go with Dr. Shah. He specializes in challenging cases like mine. Not only, was he, and all his staff kind and professional throughout the process, he is a true artist. He greatly improved the asymmetry, and made the size fit my face. My husband says it is the “movie star version” of my old nose, and I couldn’t agree more. My breathing has also already improved! I expect over the next several months to have improved sinus issues as well, as the internal swelling goes down. The only regret is not having done this sooner and I couldn’t recommend him more!!! Thank you Dr. Shah!”