“Having had a facial plastic surgery in the past with several issues It was scary to trust another plastic surgeon. I was looking for a specialist to fix a badly broken nose and septum. So glad I did decide on Dr Shah. He said it was a tough surgery but did a fantastic job. I am only 10 days out from surgery and I feel fantastic and am very optimistic with the outcome. I am still swollen and will wait for stuff to settle down. A very caring doctor and staff. I am very happy with my new nose at this point and know it takes about a whole year to see the final results but the minute he took the packing and tubes out I could actually breathe!! I’ve been a lifetime mouth breather since 7th grade. It’s wonderful!!! I would definitely go to Dr Shah for any issue you might be considering. He has a pro healing regimen that works great. I am older and only had bruising along my nasal labial folds. I am an out to town patient and he did a great consult over the computer and really took his time listening to me.”