“I came to Dr. Shah the fall of 2019 seeking a revision rhinoplasty. Let me provide a backstory to my experience. Approximately 13 years ago, I received my initial rhinoplasty from a well-known and supposedly “top tier” plastic surgeon in Denver. After the initial surgery and several follow-up “corrections,” this surgeon left my nose not only completely disfigured and disproportionate for my face, but also did not correctly support the tip, and so I was left with what was essentially lopsided scar tissue on top of a droopy columella. Sadly, after handing over nearly $10k, I could tell something was amiss even before the cast was removed. As a revision specialist, Dr. Shah determined right off the bat exactly what was wrong with my nose and how to fix it. While the COVID pandemic interfered with my original surgery date, Dr. Shah and his team worked efficiently to get me rescheduled once it was safe to proceed with surgery. There are very few individuals with both the knowledge and skill to become a plastic surgeon, let alone having the artistic ability and finesse to bring these components together — AND correct someone else’s mistake. I look forward to our long and substantiated relationship. Thank you to both Dr. Shah and his fabulous team.”