“Hello my name is Chhun called Rasy, I am very happy with my nose surgery done with Dr. Shah. He did a very excellent job of my final nose. Before I met him I’ve been travel to My country in Cambodia , Vietnam , Thailand and back to America to fix my nose and non of them could fix my nose jobs.. My experience of getting my nose job been 5 times and it’s was very dangerous and unhappy procedure in the last 10 years. And before I final choose Dr. Shah in Denver , I’ve been research and go visiting consulting about 5 Dr. In Denver and None of them giving me a very good answer and didn’t make feel safe or happy with one of them and I almsost hopeless and disappointed . But I found Dr. Shah and I decided to choose him to fix my nose . Everything about him is all make feel so confident and happy of my nose so now I do love my nose and very happy of all his work !! I recommend go to him of Rhyno Plastic Surgery. He is the Best!!! Oh by the way he very detail explaination of what you want to hear and very friendly so finally after my 5 times of my nose surgery now I am very happy !! Thank you to Dr. Shah all your hard work on my nose !!!!”