“Wow! : ) Dr. Shah will deliver the results that you dream of – I was really apprehensive about having a neck lift… I hated the way my neck looked, and was scared to death of surgery. But, Dr. Shah and his wonderful staff offered the assurance I needed to go forward. They were professional, and incredibly kind. They were simply amazing, and the results were more than I ever hoped for. The cost was affordable, and they were able to change something about myself that I have always hated. I can’t recommend them enough. Each member of the staff is down to earth and will offer kindness and support. Dr. Shah will deliver the results that you dream of! Updated on 5 Feb 2021: I’m amazed at the difference. I am so glad I chose to do this for myself. Losing weight was great, but the turkey neck it left behind wasn’t anything I was proud of. : ( If you’re considering a neck lift, take it from a girl who hates needles, and has a pretty low pain tolerance, this was definitely worth it. Updated on 17 Feb 2021: This is the scar area behind my ears. I don’t notice it, and with my fair complexion, and figured they would be more noticeably. Fortunately, Dr. Shah did a great job of “hiding” them. Hopefully, you can tell that they aren’t really noticeable.”