“I first went to Dr Shah for my eyes lids, I also wanted to know about my jaw line (neck). He’s the first doctor that mentioned my chin in regards to my (neck) jaw line. He mentioned I don’t have a chin. I was very surprise because I knew this as growing up and never mentioned it to him. Other doctors stated I didn’t it. I had Dr Shah do both my eyes lids and a chin implant, Oct 2014. I’m very very happy with the outcome. I love make-up and it looks great! I went back to Dr. Shah regarding my neck. He also mentioned my ears lobes, being from the “70’s” ear rings were heavy and eventually my ear lobes droops with time. OMG! it looks great! Love my ears lobes, looks great with my neck lift! Not only the neck came up smooth, it looks like part of my upper chest did to. I got this done Nov 2016 and next year I’m going to him for a tummy tuck! Saw a patient of his that had a tummy tuck, omg! it’s awesome! did a great job! I highly recommend him! I won’t go to anyone or look for any another plastic surgeon. Dr Shah just can look at you and tell you what he sees. He never pressure me for anything. He’s very good in what he does..”