“So Happy with the Results, Thank you Dr. Shah and Staff: I am no stranger to plastic surgeries, I come from family of 7 sisters and we all do what it takes to look younger, nobody?s work impressed me like Dr. Shah?s. Experienced, Professional ,committed to his work ,understandable , Patient, Gentle, Friendly, Pleasant , Generous with Angels hands that is Doctor Shah of Denver Colorado, I find Dr. Shah after other well knowing name plastic surgeon damaged my face, and what a discovery , Dr. Shah corrected all the damages other did to my face. I am so happy with the result and will never go any where else to look younger for the rest of my life. His magic work is not clich? but he customized your individual face need to look as close as could be to your decades ago look. Thank you Dr. Shah and may good protect and bless your miraculous hands and good heart. pre and during the operation, and his follow up which he never missed any advice or support, he is always there for his patients.”