“Surgery This Friday – So I’ve always been self-conscious of my nose. From the front, it’s perfect. Nice and straight, if a little short for my taste it still fits and looks great. From the side? I look like a rat. I used to get teased about it when I was younger and I’ve always hated my profile. I hide behind my hair, and find it awkward when someone sits next to me, as I know they’re going to look over and see my nose. I mean, it doesn’t consume every waking hour, but it’s like having a low-level hangover where you just don’t feel great, and when it comes to your attention you realize how shitty you really feel. So I decided to finally do something about it. I booked an appointment (about a month out as he’s busy) and went to see the doc. He looked at my nose and didn’t make me feel bad about wanting it to look better. He’s extremely intelligent, really knows his stuff, and will readily tell you in detail about anything you ask about. I love that about him 🙂 He gave me some after images of what he thought would work best, and I almost cried. I mean, I was imagining how I’ll feel when I’m walking past people and how I’ll not be embarrassed by my profile (hide behind my hair, turn my head to the side). I was imagining being able to have a short haircut and not have that insecure feeling in the back of my mind. I know, it sounds really silly but I’m sure if you’re reading this you understand. I’ll never have that perfect movie star profile, but it’ll be perfect for me! So my surgery is Friday. I’ve already started taking the pre-op vitamins and arnica etc. and bought food for a week so hopefully I won’t have to go out and scare little kids with my bandages and bruises. Of course if anyone asks I’ll tell them they should see the other guy! I’ll post pics along the way, and update my review as things happen. Like, I can’t comment on after-care as it hasn’t happened yet! I’m super happy to have this done, and while I’m very excited that I’ll be able to breathe better, I’m even more excited thinking about my new profile 🙂 Oh and I do know that sleeping sitting up is going to SUCK! But I also know that I’m going to do whatever the doc says to do. I have TWO humidifiers and they’ll be going full time. No showering is going to suck as well. But if he told me I’d have to sleep upside down on an anthill full of wasps to get the best results I would. Please don’t ask why the anthill is full of wasps…”