“Amazing Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty Experience – I visited with Dr. Shah back in May for a consultation on rhinoplasty. This is something I’ve looked into for years and finally discovered a fantastic surgeon one state over from me. Upon meeting with Dr. Shah, I knew he would be the perfect surgeon to work on me. He has such an upbeat attitude and he’s incredibly informative, so I booked an appointment with him for December when I would be on break from school.Fast forward to now, I had my surgery at the Renewal Center in Lone Tree, CO with Dr. Shah on the 23rd of December and let me tell you it went swimmingly. At my pre-op appointment just two weeks prior, he provided me with numerous supplements to help with the healing process, detailed instructions, medication for after, and answered more of my questions. On the day of my surgery, he again answered more of my questions and was very thorough about what he would be doing in surgery. His entire team that he worked with that day were also just as amazing. The surgery went quickly and exceedingly well. I return to Dr. Shah’s office next week to remove the splints in my nostrils, the sutures, and splint over my nose. Currently, I have such minimal bruising I think in part due to some of the supplements he had me taking leading up to the surgery and now. He did have to preform an osteotomy on me, remove part of my septum to straighten it out, and configure the cartilage in my bulbous tip. I’m just in complete awe with how quickly the surgery went and how great I am feeling now. I know, too, that I may contact him with any questions or needs up until I see him next. All in all I am ecstatic to see what magic he’s worked on my nose once I get the splints removed and in the coming months! I’ll be happy to post numerous photos of the healing process as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Shah to my family and friends because I know he is not only a skillful surgeon but also a wonderfully upbeat doctor that is bound to make any patient comfortable.”